1st month in USA

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First and foremost, this post will be totally in English. That's why: my cute and american-bffs Connie and Laura helped me to wrote these topics - and is fair enough to be in the 'language in common'. I know that my language skills are not thaaat good, but let's try.

It was few days ago, while I was living in USA yet, we were at Starbucks - as usual, like almost every day - pointing some details about everything we have learned, lived and for sure, didn't like about this new life, as AuPair. I have to remember that day I took sooooo many medicines and I was so HIGH (over the rainbow) and for this reason, I started to take notes about every single world that Connie and Laura were saying. 


What changed inside myself:
Starting to be opened for everything, and not thinking about people will think about it. Ex: if I wanna go anywhere wearing pajamas, its ok! 

What changed in my life:
Making new friends. Always had just one close friend, and now 3 new friends from different countries and lives. It's possible learn more about everything with the girls!

What I don't like:

The "American way of life" about organization in the house. The dishes can be at the sink weeks and no one will try to clean. They just let the things going going going, and no worries about clean, organization, whatever.

Picture: living in a good weather in some place of Europe. Let's forget the Chicago Snow!


What changed inside myself:
Starting to understand some small things like say "thanks" for everything I got, even that it means receive 10 euros from my family. Here the kids had a thousand gifts on Christmas and they just don't care. They don't know the real mean about someone gives something.

What changed in my life:
I'm learning about taking risks, and leaving my comfortable zone. That's enough. 

What I don't like:
Kids never learn about help anything, anyone and any nothing. They have cleaner, aupairs (or nanny), and people that can make everything for them. So, they don't realize that they have to pick toys up the floor, or go by themselves to the kitchen and have a glass of water

I just loved this pic. Another happy moment away from Chiberia.


What changed inside myself:
This short experience really brought what I wanted: stop to care and think about people - thinking, judging and saying. I could realize that NOBODY feels what I feel - specially while I had crisis of strong pain in my back/leg/sciatica at night, and was just me and myself. And to take the decision to come back to Brazil to start the treatments, I had to think just about ME. Lesson finally learned.

What changed in my life:
Learning about not plan so much and live more. Things can change in a second.

What I don't like:
Same as Connie and Laura. The mess is really a mess, and sometimes made me get crazy! We really need to be opened mind to live with another culture and don't freak out. And kids, yeah, as everybody says, they are spoiled. And the problem is: the host-family says that a kid have to don't get weight, but let eat everything and a lot. Says that they can't watch tv and use electronics stuffs all the time, but they just ignore it few minutes later and let the kids on their ipods, ipads and wii. Every Aupair has the same complain, always. 

Chicago: love and pain, together. Left leg, to be exactly.

So, a lot of changes will come and I just wanna say THANKYOU for these beautiful girls who made me fell loved and made me believe again in friendship. I had no family with me during the "pain days", but I could count on you! Messages, meetings, coffees, wishes, cards, chocolates, donuts! Believe that all these things helped me!

And, GOOD LUCK! Don't worry about the mess, let the dishes on the sink, forget the spoiled kids and BE HAPPY, for me and for you! You deserve it! :)

Hope see you again, but please, SUMMER AT THE BEACH, EACH! <3

I'm already missing you! Loveu <3

Ps.: I tried to don't use translator, ok? Forgive me about this poor English! :/

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  1. Aline, saudade dos seus posts e de saber de vc. Ainda hoje pensei em vc e te mandei um email. Imagino que essa despedida tão rápida não vai ser fácil, mas vc está fazeno o que é melhor para vc.
    Beijos e se cuida

  2. Aline, eu tinha certeza que tinha feito um comment aqui, mas pelo visto deu erro.
    Adorei o post e a forma como foi escrito, não só porque foi em inglês, mas porque suas amigas ajudaram com as experiências de cada uma.
    Não fazia ideia que as criançam fossem mimadas assim, mas pelas histórias dos milhões de presentes que eles recebem no natal, meio que faz sentido.
    Imagino que deva ter sido triste a despedida, mas sei que você está melhor aqui.
    Sinto falta das suas postagens.

  3. Aline, como você está? Sumiu do blog e da blogosfera, mande notícias!